When I see people talking about the Divine Masculine…

Most often they are talking about a homogenised, castrated masculine.

The nice guy.

The by-passing man.

The man that is a push over.

That is limp, floppy and impotent.

The forever smiling and nodding man… even when he or his family is being abused, disrespected and trampled upon.

The masculine that appears to have a spine…. Because he is sitting straight ‘holding a powerful space’…

But in truth..

Is actually spineless.

He is unable to make a stand for what he believes in…

Unable to stand up to challenge.

To conflict.

To adversity.

He is a socially conditioned and neutered, watered down man.

He is not only unable to speak his truth… he is so disconnected he often doesn’t even know what it is.

He is unable to make the tough decisions. And take the appropriate, powerful action needed.

A man truly connected to divinity. Is also connected to his power. His animal nature. His wild-man.

He has genuinely met and worked through his Shadows and conditioning of masculinity in our current society.
Not bypassed over them… or believing that his power, animal nature and wildness are not ‘divine’.

Many men resonant with the language of Divine Masculine. And many do not…

This is not to shame and point out anyone.
It is to bring awareness… albeit in a shocking way… to parts of the male psyche that must be explored for a man to be truly divine. And to experience his full divinity.

This has been my personal experience.

I never experienced such joy, peace, contentment, connection and unity… until I met and reintegrated my primal/ animal nature… my wild-man. That lives inside of every man. And I see this time and time again with others.

For to be Divine - is to be ‘of or like God or a god’. And a god is connected to his every aspect of his power, without limits or restrictions.

It is time for a change.

It is time for a change and reevaluation in what we believe the Divine Masculine to be.

It is time for the re-integration of many aspects of the masculine that are suppressed. For the good of all of us.

It is time.