Power, strength, certainty, aggression, primality, dominance, sexuality.

These are all just parts of masculinity. But in today's culture they have become increasingly disowned and distorted.

The term and frame work of the Dark Masculine supports clear awareness to begin the journey of reintegration and healing of these crucial masculine aspects.

There are two key reasons for this repression and distortion.

The first is the slow degradation of healthy masculine role models.
The loss of male rites of passage and initiations has meant these aspects have been slowly dis-integrated from the collective consciousness of men.

A boy learns to be a man from being around men, namely his father.
Previously fathers would spend large amounts of time with their sons. The son both learning to be a man, and also often learning his father's craft.

Industrialization changed this.
Most fathers no longer worked from the home. They would travel to another location to work, away from their sons. Over time working longer and longer hours.

A few things happened due to this…
◽The source of the boys conditioning shifted from their fathers to their mothers and other women (school teachers), with whom they spent the vast majority of their time.
◽Boys growing up often held unconscious pain, hurt, anger and misunderstanding around the absence and disconnection of their fathers. Which is important because the father is masculinity personified to children.

Pairing this with the rise of feminism and the demonizing of the ‘patriarchy’, aka masculine leadership, many healthy masculine traits were lost and repressed further into the collective psyche.


The second reason is that through-out history the overactive shadow of the Dark Masculine has been prevalent.

We see this with endless examples of violence, tyranny, atrocities and s*xual abuse.

So in today’s society when we think of the attributes of the Dark Masculine, we are most often thinking of the overactive shadow, rather than the healthy expression. Which sparks a mixture of fear, shame and guilt in men.

So why is the Dark Masculine important now?

We are in a pivotal point of history.

Our current culture has more opportunities for increased consciousness, personal growth, and collective healing than ever before imaginable.

We have the opportunity to heal from past violence and traumas and to reintegrate the repressed aspects of masculinity.

Men, we are being asked to step into leadership.

We are needed to forge a new path forward.

This is what the language of the Dark Masculine does.

It allows us to bring into sharp focus, very specific and rare aspects of masculinity.

We need men that have the courage to voluntarily journey into their depths, their darkness and their shadow.
That have done the personal work..

◽Alchemising the reactive, overactive and distorted aspects of the Dark Masculine shadow.
◽Activating the repressed, underactive and disowned aspects.
◽Releasing hidden shame, guilt or fear around their masculinity

We need powerful, embodied masculine men.

The Dark Masculine is the rebirth of the masculinity.