When the term Dark Masculine is used, one of the first responses is questioning whether it is evil, negative and destructive.

To dive into this... let's clarify some terms.

EVIL - 'profoundly immoral and wicked, especially when regarded as a supernatural force.'

My definition - anything that at it's core has a deliberate and malicious intent to destroy life, and create degeneration and destruction.

SHADOW - Hidden or unconscious aspects of oneself, that are affecting or even guiding behavior. Unintegrated aspects of our personality, distortions and unrealized potential.

DARK - that which lies beyond the light and light of consciousness and our mental understanding. Eg - the Great Mystery and the Great Unknown.

An example In relation to oneself is our primal, animal nature.


Is the Dark Masculine Evil?

No. It is not.

People very easily confuse the healthy Dark Masculine with the Dark Masculine in its shadow form. Particularly the reactive polarity of Shadow.

What do I mean by this?

The Dark Masculine in its reactive Shadow can manifest as the tyrant, dictator, s*xual predator, the manipulator or the wrathful warrior. And actions of these reactive shadow aspects, can very much look like Evil.

And when we look back in history the greatest atrocities have been created through the Dark Masculine shadow.

Does this mean the Dark Masculine is inherently Evil?

No. It does not.

Does this mean that we should avoid, repress and condemn any manifestation of the Dark Masculine?

In fear of its potential manifestations of Evil?

No. It does not.

In fact it means the exact OPPOSITE.

Because when we repress or disown any aspect of self it WILL manifest and come forward in some way.

What is repressed MUST be expressed.

In fact the best way to ensure the Dark Masculine manifests in destructive and ‘Evil’ ways… is to continue down the path we are currently walking.

Condemning, criticising and seeking to disown and ‘deintegrate’ this crucial part of the masculine psyche from our men, and our collective psyche.

The only way to way to create healthy Dark Masculine is to bring it to the surface and work with it within our consciousness.

We must take responsibility for ways in which the Dark Masculine manifests through our psyche in its repressed or reactive form. And create a space for its healthy form to integrate with our conscious psyche.

Working with the Dark Masculine opens up an entirely new future for man and modern day masculinity.

A future where we have integrated the innumerable gifts of its energy. Embodying its potential for personal and collective empowerment, alchemy and transformation. While healing the destructive, harmful and 'Evil' manifestations of its Shadow.

A new world of possibility awaits us by working with this potent collective energy of masculinity.

It is time.