These terms describe specific aspects of Masculine energy.
They originate from Tantra and Modern Spirituality.

Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion, often mixed with un-informed projection.

Initially for many people they associate Dark with negative, evil or bad.

And Light and Divine with positive, good and pure.

But in fact... when we drop pre-conceived ideas of these terms, we open ourselves to an entirely new world of empowerment, growth and development.


  • Primality
  • Sexuality
  • Animal Instinct
  • Aggression
  • Personal Power
  • Wisdom of the body.

    Often described as the path of descent into physical matter/form and the body for personal evolution and growth.

    Most often includes practices such as embodiment, body work, shadow work (aka working with the personal and transpersonal collective unconscious/ psyche).

    Involved with areas of self such as personal power, self confidence, sexuality, assertiveness, emotions, physical body and vitality. Essentially the lower chakras. Also our relationship to the Great Mystery and Unknown.

    See post "What Is The Dark Masculine" for more.


  • Consciousness
  • Wisdom of intellect
  • “Love and light” and Peace
  • Presence and Clarity.
  • Multi-dimensionality
  • Transcendence and Spirit
  • Holding space

    Often described as the path of ascent to connect to God (The Universe, Great Spirit, Oneness) for personal evolution and growth.

    Most often include practices such as yoga, meditation, chanting, eye gazing, worshipping/ devotion to deities or gurus, stillness, Vipassana.

    Involved with areas of self such as enlightenment, connection to spirit, self awareness, objectivity, larger/ higher awareness and purpose. Essentially the upper chakras.


    Or the Awakened Masculine
    Used in New Age Spirituality to describe the evolved masculine that has aspects and traits of both, Light and Dark.
    He is connected to his higher purpose, mission, heart, strength, physical body and his sexuality.

    But, this is what I notice...
    Most people that preach about the Divine Masculine, are describing the Light Masculine. While carrying shame, guilt and fear or at least misunderstanding around the term 'Dark Masculine'.

    I also often notice an accompanying hesitancy to own or work with certain aspects of the DM. Particularly around power, wildness and sexuality. Which is a manifestation of their own suppression and projection.

    This is not to shame or criticize. It is a simple observation, from the thousands of conversations I have had around this topic.


    Dark and Light Masculine are terms used to describe very specific, and polar opposite, aspects of masculine energy.

    This differentiation allows us to work with facets of self for our personal growth and development.

    Neither are good or bad, right or wrong, or better or worse.

    Both are crucial for health, harmony and balance, within individuals and society.

    The Divine Masculine is a label growing in pop culture. It is unrelated to the terms 'Light' and 'Dark' and has a different origin.

    And when used, it is often (not always) in rejection and suppression of certain characteristics of the Dark Masculine.